Sewing over the last ten years in and for our own retail clothing store laid a foundation for All American Quilts.  After beginning to wean the closing of the retail store, something was lacking in our daily routine.  Realizing the passion we have for quilting and personalization, we decided to restructure our business.  We always have and will pride ourselves on a reputation for quality and excellence in the products we market.

Our philosophy is simple, enrichment of life comes from sharing with others.  Our satisfaction is derived from the gratification a customer enjoys in the use of our products.  We strive to help you create a comfortable home-life atmosphere that is invitational to family and friends who will enjoy experiences with you in your home. The highest complement to us as a retailer of quality merchandise is that our product be passed on as a gift. 

Our mission; We strive to enhance and enrich the quality of life through sharing and passing on the comfortable memories of a lifetime.  Our goal is to provide quality products in the spirit of togetherness and forever.

All Products are constructed and personalized in the

United States of America!!!

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